An Interview with Laurence de Valmy

Hattie Turner recently sought out the opportunity to speak with Pop Artist Laurence de Valmy prior to her participation in Paddle8’s upcoming Art on a Postcard auction, benefitting the Hepatitis C Trust. In this exclusive interview, de Valmy discusses her practice, issues relating to appropriation in art and the role of social media in the development […]

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Maternally Speaking

LOUISE BOURGEOIS Larger-than-life, spindly metal spiders. Yes, these represent to Bourgeois the archetype of the maternal figure, but it’s not what you think. She isn’t looking to represent motherhood like that portrayed through Mommie Dearest, GREAT movie, but something much more sentimental in spite of her work’s seemingly macabre appearance. From the series Maman, L. Bourgeois, […]

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Quotes of the Month

A small list of quotes that I’ve come across that I find especially relevant, inspiring and worth sharing…   “I arrange lines and colors so as to obtain symphonies, harmonies that do not represent a thing that is real, in the vulgar sense of the word, and do not directly express any idea, but are […]

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