Tracking Trends & Creative Dialogue

As I’m trying to learn more about international trends and innovations in the arts, I’m always looking for new sources of information on emerging artists, exciting exhibitions and the most recent developments in art theory from industry professionals. Along the way I’ve come across some great and some not so great sources, but here are a few of my favorites as of right now.


Hyperallergic is a massively comprehensive source of art and cultural information covering not only visual art, but literature, film and music as well. It’s a treasure trove of artist interviews, contemporary essays, news and exhibition reviews. Check out Hrag Vartanian’s article on the Brooklyn art fairs happening in conjunction with Frieze week.

Brooklyn Art Fair
Courtesy of Hyperallergic


If you can get your hands on a copy of Hotshoe Magazine, you should do so. Antenne Books puts out an issue four times per year covering some of the best new visually stimulating projects in photography from around the world. The latest issue is a focus on New York City and its youth culture.

Hotshoe, Iss. 201
Courtesy of Antenne Books


Membrana Magazine is another publication exclusively celebrating photography, putting out editions in print two times per year. On their website they regularly release abstracts of their recent artist interviews, essays, reviews and different theories from outside contributors on the art of photography. Issue No. 2, called Grimace, emphasizes the relationship between photography and the face. If you can’t access the printed magazine, they provide you with a featured article from each issue on their website, and a list of abstracts from the articles within them. The featured article from Issue No.2 is an interview with British photographer Robbie Cooper, giving an overview of his latest projects and the ideology that drives his work.

“Positioning itself in the space between scholarly magazines and popular publications, it offers an open forum for critical reflection on the medium, presenting both analytical texts and quality visuals.” (Membrana)

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.53.00 PM
From Membrana, Iss. No.2


True to its name, The Creative Review is a publication that gives insight into aspects of advertising and management in the arts, focuses on various leaders in the art and cultural sector, and sources of inspiration for cultivating your creative edge. Some of the articles require a subscription to access, but most can be read without. If you’re interested in working in the cultural sector, signing up for the subscription would be a definite asset toward developing your career. With the developing relationships between art and blockchain technologies, CR released an article last month on some recent artistic re-branding of the tech company Elliptic. If you’re into blockchain AND art, this will be a good read for you.

Courtesy of Creative Review, 2018

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