Exhibition Review: Eddie Peake @ White Cube, Bermondsey, London

Sadly I was not born with a natural gift for writing eloquently worded articles retelling the visual experiences of the latest art exhibitions opening up around me. However, during my time in London I’ve met some wonderfully talented and inspiring individuals who have a magical way of capturing the complex meanings behind artistic creations and the beliefs expressed by the artists being shown in the area. Attached is one of these such reviews, courtesy of Hattie Turner, on Arteviste.com.

This exhibition by Eddie Peake at The White Cube, Bermondseyentitled “Concrete Pitch”, deals with the concept of identity alongside themes relating to physical space and the body.



Photo by Factmag.com


“Peake’s focus lies in the lapses and voids inherent in the process of translating between verbal language and non-verbal modes of communication. It is in the discrepancy between words and any other language, say, images, emotions, bodily movements or sounds, that his art is located. Peake’s work is an often-energetic spectacle in which the absurd and the erotic each find a place, and in which the artist plays a central role”.

– Courtesy of White Cube

Arteviste is a webpage dedicated to the promotion of multinational emerging artists through a medley of written and video content, as well as in-person events and talks. Visit their site to gain access to some of the best up-and-comers on the art scene.
White Cube is a long-standing international commercial gallery, with multiple locations throughout London, as well as Hong Kong and Brazil.

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