Quick Read: Intersection Between Art and Design

London-based art advisory firm ArteMea and the international interior design firm Maison Architecture and Design put together a collaborative pop-up within the showrooms of this year’s London Design Week. Alongside a collection of unique bespoke furniture pieces and accessories were Contemporary works of art hand selected by the ArteMea team, bringing to life the temporary constructed living spaces of the showroom. When I think of interior design and fine arts I often consider the two in separate realms within the art world, when in fact they are so closely intertwined and complimentary.

Lizzy Vuitton
Art by ENDLESS, London Design Week 2018

In the ShocK pop-up playfully designed by Steven Payne and Laura Pivetta, a custom street art piece was commissioned for the front entry wall space by urban artist Endless, a larger-than-life contemporary portrait of Queen Elizabeth,

“given a contemporary refresh with the inclusion of some of the fashion world’s most iconic branding” (ArteMea, 2018).

Pivetta spoke to the increasing trend of commissioned works of wall art becoming more prevalent in residential settings, in addition to its incorporation in urban public settings. I’ve witnessed the proliferation of these large-scale artworks in the beautification of downtown Reno and Las Vegas, where artists and business owners have taken to bringing new life to neglected spaces and otherwise average exterior surfaces. Commissioning artists to create works similar to these within residential settings provides a new way of collecting and interacting with art in an exciting new dimension, with an intriguing potential for evolution within the commercial world of art.

ShocK London
Photograph courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/shock_london/?hl=en
For more information on ArteMea advising and Laura Pivetta click here
For more information on Maison A&D and interior designer Steven Payne click here

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