In Focus: The Unit, London

One of the elements that I’m hoping to incorporate through this blog is an exposure to emerging artists. A gallery I’ve found in London has collected a great roster of artists working in a mix of different styles and mediums, each speaking to uniquely approached themes of identity, modern practice rooted in traditional techniques, how we interact with space, and more.

The Unit is a fairly recent gallery settled near Seven Dials, started with an intention, as their homepage says, “to break down the barriers of elitism and include contemporary art world enthusiasts, first-timers, emerging collectors, public institutions or private foundations- [believing in] including everyone to enjoy art”. Their belief in creating a pressure-free, exploratory and inviting art experience is a welcome reprieve from what can often feel intimidating and exclusive within the commercial art world.

Here are a handful of the artists I’m fan girling over at the moment, all represented by The Unit.

For more information and access to the artists’ work, visit The Unit website here


Pichiavo (Spain)


Ivan Alifan (Russia)


Jake Wood-Evans (UK)



5 thoughts on “In Focus: The Unit, London

  1. The Pichiavo murals are amazing. I love how she/he(?) mixes both modern graffiti imagery with classic figures. And who doesn’t love a mural the size of a building?!


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